A lot of news in the NEW Year…

Dear Sir or Madam, dear business partners and friends,

The coming year 2017, will start with a lot of and also very nice changes for our company.

We are particularly pleased about a very big gift from the community of Pfedelbach. The street where our company is located will be renamed in honorable memory after our company founder Emil Stickel. We are very grateful for this honor bestowed by the community of Pfedelbach.

So starting 1 January 2017 our new address will be Emil-Stickel -Straße 2-6.

And correspondingly we simplified our name and changed it into HOSTI GmbH as it reminds us of our family tradition as HOSTI – HOhenloher Papptellerfabrik STIckel  was our first company name .

On top of  that our telephone numbers will slightly change as the company has grown and there is the need to that.
Please add a „1“ in front of the extension number, e.g. previously you dialled +49(0) 7941-6092-18 starting 1 January 2017 please dial as follows +49(0) 7941-6092-118 

We thank you very much in advance for updating your contact details.

HOSTI GmbH, Emil-Stickel-Straße 2-6, D-74629 Pfedelbach

Adding a „1“ in front of the extension numbers, see above.

We wish you all happiness, health and success for 2017, and we are very much looking forward to working with you.

Best regards,
Hansjörg Stickel


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