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The amount of plastic marine litter in oceans and seas is growing, to the detriment of ecosystems, biodiversity and potentially human health, and causes widespread concern. At the same time, valuable material that could be brought back into the economy is lost, once littered. Single Use Plastic (SUP) items represent about half of all marine litter items found on European beaches by counts. (Reference: Proposal for a DIRECTIVE OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on the reduction of the impact of certain plastic products on the environment, 28/05/1018)

HOSTI has been dealing with this topic for a long time as we want to contribute sustainably to a healthy environment to preserve the oceans and also to protect the well-being and health of both humans and animals.

HOSTI offers under the name GreenLine a wide range of ecological products which are not only made from
renewable raw materials but  they are also 100% biodegradable:

Paper plates, paper bowls and tart plates made from virgin fibers, Paper plates and paper bowls made from virgin fibers with greaseproof barrier,
Paper carrier bags, Wooden cutlery for catering supplies, Plates and bowls from palm leaves, Disposable dishes made from sugarcane

More  biodegradable  products:

Cups made from polylactide, Paper cups with PLA coating

Please have a look at our GreenLine catalogue

Of course, products made from renewable raw materials should  never be carelessly discarded in our nature
but correctly disposed of as biodegradable waste.



Quality and environmental management are our top priorities. This applies both to our products and also to our production processes. We guarantee our customers quality of the very highest order thanks to our integrated management system, which is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and FSC®.

We are also certified according to the energy management ISO 50001:2011 and we have additionally introduced hygiene management to the BRC standard.




Through the use of renewable resources in the development of our products, we constantly review our manufacturing processes to ensure quality, economy and consideration for the environment.

Our innovative solutions for energy efficiency help to protect the environment. The main advantages of disposable tableware such as practicality and hygiene are of course well known, but environmental benefits less so. Not only do they have a variety of uses, but the most recent studies have shown that disposable tableware does have a positive eco balance from manufacture to disposal.

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Germany is one of the top producers and consumers of paper. Wood is needed wherever paper is processed. Millions of tonnes of pulp, paper and cardboard are imported to Germany every year – it is hard to imagine how many trees need to be felled for this. 


However, we have joined a movement that focuses on sustainable forestry. The idea is that woods should not just be felled to produce paper and then left dormant, but that steps should be taken to conserve the woods and handle resources responsibly in the forestry sector.

The “Forest Stewardship Council” (FSC®) has set out strict criteria that serve to ensure that uncontrolled deforestation, violations of human rights and pollution of the environment are avoided. HOSTI also observes these exacting ecological, economic and social criteria during production.

In the production chain, HOSTI is now an FSC®-certified company.

In this way, HOSTI is making an active contribution to ensuring sustainable forestry
practices and to achieving important social goals for those employed in the forestry sector, especially in the third world.

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