The family owned business


Our HOSTI family business now consists of 3 companies with a total of 195 employees. Our group (HOSTI D, HOSTI CZ, Zechel) turnover in 2021 was approx. 31m EUR. Approx. 20,000t of unprocessed cardboard were processed for more than 2 billion paper plates. This corresponds to a distance of approx. 400,000 km (for comparison, circumference of the earth approx. 40,075 km). This makes us Europe’s largest paper plate manufacturer.

Short overview  – HOSTI Group

Werk-PfedelbachHead office Hosti GmbH, Pfedelbach
Zechel Pappteller GmbH in Pfedelbach


HOSTI CZ Tschechien in Hronov

HOSTI Locations and production facilities

Hosti GmbH, Pfedelbach

Zechel Pappteller GmbH, Pfedelbach

HOSTI CZ, Hronov, Tschechien

The founders

Eva-und-Emil-Stickel-1948Eva and Emil Stickel in 1942.

The preparation

Folie7The first punching machine from 1949.


The first production plant in Untersöllbach near Öhringen in 1949.

New beginning in Pfedelbach



The new house on the “Nonnenberg” in Pfedelbach in 1952 with the Production Hall and offices on the ground floor, and accommodation for the family upstairs.

Change of name into HOSTI


Distribution of the product lines under the brand name “HOSTI” in 1979. Beginning of the new constuction in Max-Eyth-Straße 18 in Pfedelbach.

Company management

emil_stickel_portraitThe founder and long-time general manager Emil Stickel retired in 1988 at the age of 70 after successfully running the firm for almost 40 years.

In  the 1960’s his two older sons, Siegfried and Gunter joined the  executive board.

The current manager director Hansjörg Stickel , grandson of  the founder, has been running the company since 2003.



Quality and environmental management are our top priorities.
This applies both to our products and also to our production processes. We guarantee our customers quality of the very highest order thanks to our integrated management system, which is certified to ISO 9001:2015, and FSC®  and Hygiene management according to BCR Standard.

Environmental Management with FSC® – certification

Through the use of renewable resources in the development of our products, we constantly review our manufacturing processes to ensure quality, economy and consideration for the environment. In the production chain, HOSTI is now an FSC®– certified company.

FSC Wald_2016

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