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For 70 years our disposable products have brought cheerful and vivid colors to your everyday life. In our standard range we offer products for any event. From paper plates, paper cups to fancy star-shaped plates to different paper bowl shapes. Enjoy browsing our product descriptions and simply contact us; we are happy to answer your questions.
Being a responsible company, we focus on innovative quality and environment management. Together with ClimatePartner we have measured the carbon emissions of our company and calculated our Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF). Where possible, we avoid and reduce our carbon emissions for example through green power, green gas and our own photovoltaic system on the house roof. We offset unavoidable emissions by supporting carbon offset projects thereby making us a carbon neutral site in Pfedelbach.



Ecological products made from renewable materials

The amount of plastic marine litter in oceans and seas is growing, to the detriment of ecosystems, biodiversity and potentially human health, and causes widespread concern. At the same time, valuable material that could be brought back into the economy is lost, once littered. Single Use Plastic (SUP) items represent about half of all marine litter items found on European beaches by counts. (Reference: Proposal for a DIRECTIVE OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on the reduction of the impact of certain plastic products on the environment, 28/05/1018)

HOSTI GmbH has been producing sustainable disposable tableware for 70 years – our products are compostable, made from renewable raw materials and produced 100 % without plastic: 

Paper plates, paper bowls made from kraftboard with greaseproof barrier; paper plates, paper bowls and tart plates made from virgin fibers; paper plates and paper bowls made from virgin fibers with greaseproof barrier, wooden cutlery for catering supplies.

Please have a look at our Product range.

Of course, products made from renewable raw materials should  never be carelessly discarded in our nature
but correctly disposed of as biodegradable waste.

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